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Martin Herrera-Pazmiño and Gabriel Kahn present Second Loop , an exploration of cultural and musical lineage. As the children of organizers and musicians, Herrera-Pazmiño and Kahn embarked on their own distinctive routes through the worlds of art and activism at a young age. Now as friends and collaborators, they’ve created a production that explores personal heritage and history through the lens of hip-hop culture.

MC Pauze is an emcee, songwriter, and percussionist born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco. His father, Francisco Herrera, is a longtime musician and cultural worker based in the Bay Area who supports migrant communities in the U.S. by advocating for work, education, and housing. Martin, holding degrees in both Sociology and Chicano & Latino Studies, uses his education as a foundation for his music which strives to enlighten listeners on world events and their impacts on the self. He proudly claims the mantle of “Conscious Hip-Hop Artist” and creates music with a message of justice, resistance, and love.

San Francisco-based producer, lyricist & DJ Brycon has over 25 years of experience in the arts. Instilled with a soulful musical sensibility by his Motown-baby mother and folk-singing father, his natural instinct for melody is evident throughout his works. His parents, who continue to work in the non-profit and organizing worlds, raised him on union songs and picket lines. His father specifically demonstrated how to marry art and activism in a way which would impact his own trajectory. And while Brycon has never adopted the mantle of organizer, he has folded his own passions and politics into decades of music and expression.

MC Pauze and Brycon’s music bridges the past and future in a unique, compelling way that brings people together in celebration. Second Loop is an extension of their shared inheritance and experience, and a production that offers a positive experience for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Gabe Kahn | 415-629-4403
Martin Herrera-Pazmiño | 415-269-2717

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